An efficient and economical replacement of the flame

Induction and resistive heaters by DAWELL CZ are mobile portable sources allowing the replacement of the open flame in maintenance, manufacturing and heavy industry. Thanks to the wide portfolio of accessories for each heater, we are able to cover most of the applications, for which the outdated open flame technology in all forms has been used until now. At the same time, compared to the flame, induction heating allows significant economic savings, safe operation and it does not require operator training in working with open flame.

Round focus coil 90°

Round focus coil 90°


For the extension of standard splitting cables.

Removable SIDE coils

Induction side coils are easily replaceable with bigger or smaller size, or a cable that wraps around the part. It is possible to order side coils set of various diameters with an induction heater.

Single-turn round coil for DHI-100/120

Single-turn round coil with inner diameter of 22 - 82 mm.

FLEXI coil

Flexible coil in various lengths.

Side focus coil

Side focus coil for DHI-4 series heaters.

Double-turn round coil for DHI-100/120

Double-turn round coil.

Inclined focus coil

Inclined focus coil for DHI-4 series heaters.


Compensation cable for connection of the type ''K'' thermocouple wire.

FLEXI ceramic coil

FLEXI ceramic coil

„U“ profile coil for DHI-100/120

„U“ profile coil suitable for tubes soldering.

Handle extension

Handle extension for DHI-4 series heaters.

Focus coil

Focus coil with ferrite core for spot heating of material.


Steel binding tape, 16 x 0.5 mm, metallic shiny, without surface treatment.

Spare focus coil core

Spare focus coil core 32 mm.

Round focus coil for DHI-4

Round focus coil with reduction for DHI-4 series heaters.

PAD radius coil

Curved PAD coil.

Round coils reducer

Reduction of DHI-4E/F heating coils.


Solid hand pliers of the BAND-IT all-metal construction for easy assembly of clamping belts.

PAD removal coil

Flat PAD removal coil for sticker removing.

Single-turn round coil for DHI-4

Single-turn round coil for DHI-4E series heaters.


Resistance wire for repare of ceramic elements.

WIRE coil

Wire coil for creating a custom coil.

Trolley for DHI-4 heaters

Three tier universal trolley for DHI-4 series heaters.

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