DAWELLING - about induction

Induction heating is a technology suitable for heating conducting object (usually a metal) by electromagnetic induction, through heat generated in the object by eddy currents. It is a non-contact method of heating the objects, which absorb the energy from alternating magnetic field, generated by an induction working coil.

The actual working part of the device is the coil or inductor and this is where the energy is transferred from the power unit and the working head to the heated material.

The basic energy source is the alternating current from the mains (50 Hz), which is adjusted in the power supply – inverter to the desired frequency of induction heating between 10 – 400 kHz. Lower frequencies are used for large objects for deeper magnetic penetration, higher frequencies for thin-walled and small objects.

Induction heating is used to heat various materials and shapes before or after welding, straightening steel profiles, soldering, annealing and melting metal materials, all in various industrial and repair applications.

The main advantage is energy conservation, as the material is only heated directly at the heating point without significant thermal influence of the surrounding environment. The work and service are very simple compared to other conventional flame heating methods.

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