Double-turn round coil for DHI-100/120

Double-turn round coil. Full description

Double-turn round coil with inner diameter from 22 mm to 40 mm. The coils are compatible with DHI-120E, DHI-100/120F and DHI-100/120C series heaters. The compatible diameters of the coils with individual heaters are listed in the tab 'Technical data'.

Order no. Inner coil diameter Compatibility with induction heater
09-111 22 mm (0.866″) DHI-120E, DHI-100F, DHI-120F, DHI-100C, DHI-120C
09-112 28 mm (1.102″) DHI-100F, DHI-100C, DHI-120C
09-113 34 mm (1.338″) DHI-100C, DHI-120C
09-114 40 mm (1.574″) DHI-100C

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