The DHI-44E LKW INDUCTION HEATER is a portable water-cooled induction heater with a two-meter induction burner and optional replaceable focus coil extenders. Full description

The DHI-44E LKW INDUCTION HEATER is a portable water-cooled induction heater with a two-meter induction burner and optionalreplaceable focus coil extenders. The device is designed for heating ferromagnetic and conductive materials. Its compact and lightweightdesign, high power output and ease of use make it ideal for workshops, car repair shops, maintenance shops and the repair industry in general.


  • Facilitates removal of rusty bolts and old parts, heating of exhaustpipelines, bolts, nuts, bearings, tools before hardening, gluing, soldering,and ideal for defrosting.
  • Low costs, no need to train operating staff in working with oxyacetyleneand propane-butane torches.
  • Applicable in the automotive, railway and shipbuilding industry,manufacturing, mechanical engineering, workshops, car repair shops,heating and pipeline installation, maintenance, etc.
  • Safety – absence of flames.
Parameter Value
Order no. 07-003
Power supply requirements 230 V (180-265)
Frequency (Hz) 50/60 Hz
Consumption 16 A
Ingress Protection Code IP 22
Operating frequency 18 - 60 kHz
Power control (CP mode) % 10 - 100% z Pmax, spojitě
Length of induction burner 2 m
Input power 3,7 kW
Induction output power 4000 VA
Power factor for preformance of 100 % 1
Dimensions length x height x width 440x200x240 mm
Weight 13,5 kg
Coolant capacity 2,5 l
  • Mobility – weight 11,5 kg including water cooling.
  • Power 3,7 kW/4 kVA, high loading factor.
  • Easy use – burner length 2 m.
  • Flexibility and ease of use.
  • Heat deep-seated and hard-to-reach alloy wheel bolts withnarrow Car Nut Coil.
  • Clear display capable of showing up to 7 parameters.
  • Water cooling of induction coils.
  • Smooth power adjustment 10-100%.
  • Timer and factory settings.
  • USB for software updates.
  • Constant power mode CP and constant magnetic fieldCF mode.
  • LED illumination in front of the induction coil.
  • Wide range of accessories DAWELL.
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