Ceramic elements made on request according to the specific application. Full description

FIP - flexible insulation element

  • Ideal for preheating pipes, weldments and vessels that have longitudinal or circumferential welds. The element can be used horizontally or by laying on curved surfaces. The element features ceramic fabric insulation that is wrapped with stainless steel mesh, a stainless steel protective plate and clips for attachment with an additional magnet. FIP elements are used for preheating to a temperature of 400 °C. Supplied as standard with Dinse connector, can be fitted with Cam Lock connector if required.

Ceramic element SNAKE

  • Due to the method of threading, the elements are suitable for pipes with small holes, sharp bends, 'T' profile pipes and heating pipes.

Ceramic element SPREADER MATS

  • Due to their flexible design, the expanding mats always bring the optimum temperature to the overall workpiece surface. The elements are designed for spot applications, flange and assembly welds, jet welds as well as tapered and crown workpieces. Maximum operating temperature 1050 °C.

Ceramic element FINGER

  • Durable and robust construction that allows the elements to withstand heavy use before and after welding with minimal maintenance. The maximum operating temperature of a standard element is 1050 °C, with each 'finger' rated at 120 amps / 1.3 V. The standard finger element consists of 46 fingers, it is possible to produce an element with up to 62 fingers, the required number of fingers being calculated by dividing the voltage by the voltage of each finger.

Channel ceramic element

  • Channel ceramic elements are designed for preheating and post-annealing of large structures, constructions and vessels where they can be used for furnace installation or directly to the workpiece. They are usually made using resistance wire, but higher working temperatures can be achieved by using alternative high temperature wire if required by the specific application. Channel elements are manufactured from 60 - 277 V and can be terminated with Dinse or Cam Lock connectors.

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