Flexible ceramic elements 60 V are made of high quality ceramic parts, which are entangled with resistance wire NiCr 80/20 19. Full description

Flexible ceramic elements made of high quality ceramic parts, which are entangled with resistance wire NiCr 80/20 19, that provides flexibility and increased heat transfer capability. As standard, the elements are supplied with Dinse connector, which is used the most with wiring.

Ceramic elements are designed for heat treatment before and after welding and will work effectively whether used as curved or flat applications, and are available in an extensive list of sizes with voltages ranging from 30 volts to 255 volts. Most standard sizes are available to order from stock, however non-standard sizes can be quickly manufactured to your requirements, and if you require a special heating configuration, voltage rating or wattage, we can provide you with a heating element made to your exact requirements.

Order no. Number of beads (AxB) Dimensions [mm] (AxB)
88-033 3x32 75x670
88-034 3x33 75x690
88-035 3x34 75x710
88-036 4x24 100x505
88-026 4x25 100x525
88-037 4x26 100x545
88-018 5x18 125x380
88-022 5x20 125x420
88-031 5x21 125x440
88-005 5x22 125x460
88-038 6x16 150x335
88-039 6x17 150x355
88-006 6x18 150x380
88-014 7x14 175x295
88-040 7x15 175x315
88-041 8x12 200x250
88-042 8x13 200x275
88-043 9x11 225x230
88-044 9x12 225x250
88-015 10x10 255x210
88-045 10x11 255x230
88-046 11x9 280x190
88-047 11x10 280x210
88-030 12x8 305x165
88-007 12x9 305x190
88-016 13x7 330x145
88-048 13x8 330x165
88-023 14x7 355x145
88-049 15x6 380x125
88-019 15x7 380x145
88-008 16x6 405x125
88-050 17x5 430x105
88-001 17x6 430x125
88-051 18x5 455x105
88-013 18x6 455x125
88-017 19x5 480x105
88-003 20x5 510x105
88-052 21x4 535x85

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