Enhanced safe heating for welding and heavy duty industry with higher loading factor, enhanced cooling system and wider coil range. Full description

DHI-120C HD is mobile, water-cooled induction heater, in comparison to the standard version offering higher loading factor, enhanced cooling system and the option of an extended induction burner (4/6/8/10 m), with the option enhanced range of replaceable induction adapters. The device is intended for heating of ferromagnetic and conductive materials. Thanks to the compact design, high performance, versatile use with smooth output adjustment, it is suitable for various applications especially in welding industry, heavy duty industry, production facilities, welding workshops, car repair shops, truck and agricultural machinery repair shops etc.

  • Heating prior to hardening, straightening, forging, bending of structural steel profiles and suitable for annealing
  • Low operating costs , training of operators is not necessary like for methods working with autogenous and propane-butane burners
  • Simplicity and ease of use - simple operation, fast heating process
  • Safety and ecology - absence of flame.
  • Use in the automotive, railway, aerospace, marine and industry in general, metal- working, maintenance.
Induction heater DHI-120C HD
Parameter Value
Order no. 09-007
Power supply requirements 3 x 400 V +/- 15%
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Consumption 3 x 16 A
Ingress Protection Code IP21
Operating frequency 18-45 kHz
Burner length 4/6/8/10 m

Input power

10 kW
Output apparent power 12 kVA
Heating inductor voltage < 33 VRMS
Dimensions 400x760x700 mm
Weight 68 kg
Coolant capacity 10 l
  • Mobility– weight 68 kg including enhanced water cooling system.
  • Replacement of autogenous working methods (flame heating).
  • Very silent operation
  • Power DHI-120C HD 10 kW / 12 kVA, high loading factor.
  • Ease of use – 4/6/8/10 m long burner.
  • Flexibility and ease of use.
  • Extended range of coils.
  • Robust and big wheels on the removable chassis.
  • Clear display with visualization of the parameters.
  • Water cooled inductors.
  • Continuous output control 10 - 100 %.
  • Mode - Timer and Mode – factory setting.
  • USB connection for software update.
  • Constant power mode CP and constant magnetic field CF mode.
  • LED inductor lighting.
  • Removable trolley.
  • Remote control and temperature sensor terminal.
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