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DHI-44E LKW Mobile induction heater

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DHI-44 LKW is a portable workshop  induction  heater with integrated water cooling for the induction heater and replaceable induction  coil   extenders.

DHI-44 LKW is a portable workshop  induction  heater with integrated water cooling for the induction heater and replaceable induction  coil   extenders.   By   default, the device has a two-metre burner with a side (focusing) coil. Other  induction  coil  types are designed as additional accessories and are intended for various types of heating of ferromagnetic  and conductive materials. Focusing coils are intended to heat materials by application.


Technical data

Its high power capacity, small dimensions and light weight make the DHI-44 LKW ideal for workshops, car repair shops, general repairs, production, maintenance. A significant advantage of the DHI-44 LKW compared to other heating methods is its safety, simplicity and high speed of heating and application, particularly compared to flame heating. Moreover, the use of the DHI-44 LKW induction heater is clean and environmentally friendly.

  • Higher security and better working conditions for operators. The operator is not exposed to open flame, hot gases and the risk of fire and explosion when using a flame.
  • Lower personnel training costs, lower wage costs. There is no need for regular staff to work on autogenous and PB burners.
  • Low operating costs and low cost of consumables. No gas costs. Low power consumption. Energy-efficient heating system.
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  • Automotive, railway and shipbuilding industry, production, mechanical, servicing workshops, repair shops, assembly plants, heating and plumbing, home workshops, etc.
  • Production, repair, renovation, maintenance.
  • Workshops requiring heating of bolts, round steel, sections, sheets, bearings, bushes, drive shafts, hinges, nuts, pipes, cogwheels, bearing mountings, shafts, lambda probes, parts
    and components of machines and cars, exhaust systems, belt pulleys, sleeves, etc.
  • Heating tools and parts for hardening, gluing, soldering.
  • Defrosting.
  • Same applications as gas and oxy acetylene burners.


Technical data
Order no.
Power supply requirements
230V (180-265)
50/60 Hz
Protective system
Working frequency
18-60 Hz
Output control (CP mode) %
10-100% of Pmax, fluent
Induction burner lenght
2 m
Input power
3,5 kW
Output induction power
3,5 kVA
Power factor for 100% output
Dimensions (LxHxW)
13,5 kg
Coolant capacity
2,5 l


  • Mobility – weight only 13.5 kg, including water cooling, small dimensions – size of a small welding machine.
  • Output 3.5 kVA, respectively, high loading factor.
  • Easy use – burner length 2 m.
  • Flexibility and ease of use – connects anywhere, power supply 1x 230 V, easy and quick preparation.
  • Versatile uses of pre-heating – for shaped, flat, circular, positioned or standard components.
  • Modern and affordable method of workshop heating.